Aecon Construction and Engineering Jobs

Aecon Construction and Engineering Jobs

As a Canadian leader in construction and infrastructure development with global expertise, Aecon Group Inc. (TSX: ARE) strives to be the number one Canadian infrastructure company. Aecon safely, profitably and sustainably delivers integrated solutions to private and public-sector clients through its Construction segment in the Civil, Urban Transportation, Nuclear, Utility and Industrial sectors, and provides project development, financing, investment and management services through its Concessions segment

Aecon Construction and Engineering Jobs

Shop Assistant Administrator                       Milton, ON, CA

Superintendent                                               Toronto, ON, CA

Coordinator, Indigenous Relations             Calgary, AB, CA

Aerial Lineperson                                            Sault Ste Marie, ON, CA

EHS Advisor                                                      Courtice, ON, CA

Series Lead                                                       Bowmanville, ON, CA

Jr Project Coordinator                                   Bowmanville, ON, CA

Field Technician                                              St. John’s, NL, CA

EHS Advisor                                                      Scarborough, ON, CA +1 more…

Payroll Administrator                                     Toronto, ON, CA

Accountant, Project                                       Toronto, ON, CA

Change Management – Claims Lead           Detroit, MI, US

Estimators- Go Rail Expansion (RER)          Toronto, ON, CA

Project Coordinator                                       Bowmanville, ON, CA

Utility Labourer                                               Stouffville, ON, CA

Surveyor                                                           Caledon, ON, CA

Environmental Manager                               New Westminster, British Columbia, CA

Estimator                                                         Toronto, ON, CA

Quality Control Technicians and Technologists    Ottawa, ON, CA

Coordinator, Talent Acquisition                  Toronto, ON, CA

Quality Coordinator                                       Brantford, ON, CA +1 more…

Training General Foreman                            Toronto, ON, CA

Project Administrator                                    North Bay, ON, CA

Project Coordinator                                       North Bay, ON, CA

Facilities General Foreman                           Toronto, ON, CA

Traffic Control Labourer                                                                      Redcliff, AB, CA +2 more…

Civil Field Engineer                                                                                 Detroit, MI, US

Geo-Exchange Installer                                                                        Edmonton, AB, CA +2 more…

Environmental Senior Manager – GO Rail Expansion (RER)           Toronto, ON, CA

Project Manager / Superintendent                                                     Jackson, SC, US

Manager, Project                                                                                   Courtice, ON, CA

Business Manager                                                                                  Lynnwood, WA, US

Environmental Manager – GO Rail Expansion (RER)                       Toronto, ON, CA

Marketing & Branding Manager – Go Rail Expansion (On-Corridor)              Toronto, ON, CA

Vital Main Integrity Inspector                                                             Stouffville, ON, CA +1 more…

Coordinator, Jr. Project                                                                        Cambridge, ON, CA

Crane Operator                                                                                      Vancouver, British Columbia, CA +1 more…

Coordonnateur (trice), Support projet                                              Montreal, Quebec, CA

Horizontal Directional Driller                                                               Stouffville, ON, CA

Boilermaker Helper Program                                                               Bowmanville, ON, CA

Acheteur                                                                                                  Montreal, Quebec, CA

Mechanical Field Engineer                                                                   Fort St. John, British Columbia, CA +3

Crane Operator                                                                                      Vancouver, British Columbia, CA

General Foreperson – Planning                                                            Toronto, ON, CA

Project Controls                                                                                     North Vancouver, British Columbia, CA

Partenaire d’affaires, Ressources Humaines                                    Montreal, Quebec, CA

Administrator, Project                                                                          Winnipeg, MB, CA

Project Manager (Sewer/Water)                                                        Toronto, ON, CA

BSW Installer/Maintenance Labourer                                               Scarborough, ON, CA +1 more…

Project Coordinator (Sewer/Water)                                                  Toronto, ON, CA

Hoe Operator                                                              Calgary, AB, CA

Project Administrator (Sewer/Water)                    Toronto, ON, CA

Bridge Field Engineer                                                 Detroit, MI, US

Field Engineer                                                              Fort St. John, British Columbia, CA +3 more…

HVAC Solutions Specialist                                         Toronto, ON, CA

Superintendent (Sewer/Water)                               Toronto, ON, CA

Operations Manager (Sewer/Water)                     Toronto, ON, CA

General Labourer                                                       Vancouver, British Columbia, CA +2 more…

Linesperson                                                                 Vancouver, British Columbia, CA

Data Entry Clerk                                                          McGregor, ON, CA

Apprentice Lineperson                                              Vancouver, British Columbia, CA +2 more…

Sr Quality Inspector                                                   Moose Jaw, SK, CA

Coordinator, Project                                                  Edmonton, AB, CA +7 more…

Proposal Administrator                                             Brantford, ON, CA

Series Lead, Containment                                         Courtice, ON, CA

CAD Technician                                                           Toronto, ON, CA

Accounts Payable and Payroll Administrator        Lynnwood, WA, US

Electrical Superintendent                                          Scarborough, ON, CA

Assistant Lab Supervisor                                           Caledon, ON, CA

Coordonnateur(trice), BIM                                       Montreal, Quebec, CA

Traffic Control Personnel                                         Redcliff, AB, CA +4 more…

Coordonnateur(trice), Gestion documentaire      Montreal, Quebec, CA

Crusher Groundperson                                              Redcliff, AB, CA +4 more…

Technical Trainer                                                        Toronto, ON, CA

CCTV Camera Truck Inspector                                 Breslau, ON, CA +1 more…

Road Construction Personnel                                                         Redcliff, AB, CA +4 more…

Paver Operator                                                                                  Calgary, AB, CA +1 more…

Screed Operator                                                                                Calgary, AB, CA +1 more…

Estimator                                                                                            Toronto, ON, CA

Talent Acquisition Business Partner                                              Sherwood Park, AB, CA

Specialist, Field Operations                                                             Toronto, ON, CA

Bilingual Payroll Administrator                                                       Toronto, ON, CA

Journeyman Power Systems Electrician                                       Calgary, AB, CA

Labourer                                                                                             Cambridge, ON, CA

Talent Acquisition Business Partner                                              Toronto, ON, CA

Project Controls Director                                                                Bowmanville, ON, CA

Pre-Inspector                                                                                     Gloucester, ON, CA

Junior Project Manager                                                                   Bear Lake, British Columbia, CA

Lead, Series                                                                                        Kincardine, ON, CA

Lead Scheduler                                                                                  Bowmanville, ON, CA

Project Director                                                                                 Edmonton, AB, CA

Project Director                                                                                 Brantford, ON, CA

Project Accountant                                                                           Toronto, ON, CA

Methods Engineer                                                                            Bowmanville, ON, CA

Procurement Administrator                                                            Scarborough, ON, CA

Project Manager, Telecommunications                                       Winnipeg, MB, CA

Administrator, Human Resources                                                  Toronto, ON, CA

Environmental Specialist                                                                 New Westminster, British Columbia, CA

Superviseur(e) des Operations                                                       Lachine, Quebec, CA +1 more…

Director, Talent Acquisition                                                            Toronto, ON, CA

Technical Records Support Analyst                                           North York, ON, CA

Technical Records Support Analyst                                           Chatham, ON, CA

Technicien(ne) de Service                                                            Lachine, Quebec, CA +1 more…

Heavy Duty Mechanic                                                                  Calgary, AB, CA +3 more…

Permits License and Agreement and Approval (PLAA) Manager      Mississauga, ON, CA

Locates Coordinator                                                                    Breslau, ON, CA

Linesperson                                                                                    Calgary, AB, CA

HR Coordinator                                                                             Montreal, Quebec, CA

Project Coordinator, Co-Op                                                       Gloucester, ON, CA

Project Administrator                                                                   Burlington, ON, CA

General Labourer                                                                          Calgary, AB, CA +2 more…

Apprentice Lineperson                                                                 Calgary, AB, CA +2 more…

CCTV Camera Truck Inspector                                                   Ottawa, ON, CA

Execution Director                                                                        Kincardine, ON, CA

Materials Manager                                                                       Kincardine, ON, CA

Document Controller – GO Rail Expansion (RER)                    Toronto, ON, CA

Superintendent – Telecommunications                                    Burlington, ON, CA

Heavy Equipment Competency Evaluator                               Bear Lake, British Columbia, CA

Manager, Project Finance                                                           Kincardine, ON, CA

Project Coordinator, Telecommunications                             Kelowna, British Columbia, CA

Project Coordinator, Telecommunications                             Prince George, British Columbia, CA

Project Coordinator, Telecommunications                             Pitt Meadows, British Columbia, CA +1 more…

Project Coordinator                                                                     Calgary, AB, CA +2 more…

OSP Designer                                                                                 Prince George, British Columbia, CA +3 more…

CAD Technician                                                                             Pitt Meadows, British Columbia, CA +2 more…

OSP Field Technician                      Pitt Meadows, British Columbia, CA +1 more…

Foreperson, Telecommunications            Scarborough, ON, CA +1 more…

Project/Billing Administrator        Pitt Meadows, British Columbia, CA

Electrical Field Engineer                Windsor, ON, CA

Coordinator, Talent Acquisition   Toronto, ON, CA

EHS Manager                                   Lynnwood, WA, US

Quality Assurance Inspector         Lynnwood, WA, US

Specialist, Project Controls           Calgary, AB, CA +1 more…

Communication Coordinator       Kincardine, ON, CA

Project Manager, Oil & Gas          London, ON, CA

Damage Prevention Technician   Breslau, ON, CA

Procurement Specialist                  Toronto, ON, CA

Damage Prevention Technician   Hamilton, ON, CA

Damage Prevention Technician   London, ON, CA

Fibre Optic Splicer                           McGregor, ON, CA

Heavy Duty Mechanic Apprentice             Redcliff, AB, CA

Proposal Coordinator                    Toronto, ON, CA

Document Control Manager – GO Rail Expansion (RER)     Toronto, ON, CA

Quality Manager                             Pitt Meadows, British Columbia, CA +1 more…

EHS Advisor                                      Woodbridge, ON, CA

Electrical Engineer, Residential Energy Technologies        Toronto, ON, CA

Junior Environmental Coordinator           Bear Lake, British Columbia, CA

Field Engineer                                  New Westminster, British Columbia, CA

Analyst, HRIS                                    Toronto, ON, CA

Senior Environmental Coordinator           Bear Lake, British Columbia, CA

Intermediate Electrical Technologist                                    Courtice, ON, CA

EHS Advisor                                                                                Sault Ste Marie, ON, CA +2 more…

Junior Project Engineer                                                            Bear Lake, British Columbia, CA

Surveyor                                                                                      Fort St. John, British Columbia, CA

Horizontal Directional Driller                                                  Ottawa, ON, CA

Aecon Women in Trades (AWIT)                                            Toronto, ON, CA +3 more…

Laborer                                                                                       Calgary, AB, CA +3 more…

Quality Control Inspector                                                        Detroit, MI, US

Skid Steer Operator                                                                  Calgary, AB, CA

Planner/Scheduler                                                                    Toronto, ON, CA

Class 1 Driver – Construction                                                  Calgary, AB, CA +5 more…

Civil Superintendent                                                                 Windsor, ON, CA

Superviseur(e) Bilingue, Comptabilité / Bilingual Supervisor, Accounting    Montreal, Quebec, CA +1 more…

Mechanic                                                                                    Toronto, ON, CA

EHS Advisor                                                                                Sudbury, ON, CA

EHS Advisor                                                                                McGregor, ON, CA

Crusher Tower Operator                                                         Calgary, AB, CA

Crusher Loader Operator                                                        Calgary, AB, CA

Power Systems Electrician                                                      Calgary, AB, CA

Jr. Accountant                                                                           Toronto, ON, CA

Environmental Compliance Officer – GO Rail Expansion (RER)        Toronto, ON, CA

Pipelayer                                                                                     Calgary, AB, CA

Occupational & Operational Safety Manager – GO Rail Expansion (RER)     Toronto, ON, CA

Risk and Compliance Manager – GO Rail Expansion (RER) Toronto, ON, CA

Contracts Manager                                                                  Cambridge, ON, CA

Surveyor                                              Calgary, AB, CA

Equipment Operator                         Calgary, AB, CA

Form Setter                                         Calgary, AB, CA

Quality Inspector, QCI                      Bowmanville, ON, CA

Inspector, QC                                     Bowmanville, ON, CA

Coordinator, Sr. Project                   Toronto, ON, CA

Grader Operator                                Calgary, AB, CA

Quality Control Technicians and Technologists    Caledon, ON, CA

Project Coordinator, PMO               Toronto, ON, CA

Communications Specialist             Mississauga, ON, CA

Project Manager- GO Rail Expansion (RER)           Toronto, ON, CA

Warehouse Attendant                      Winnipeg, MB, CA

Project Coordinator                          Moose Jaw, SK, CA

Project Coordinator                          Burlington, ON, CA

String Line Setter, Concrete            Calgary, AB, CA

Safety Advisor                                    Surrey, British Columbia, CA +1 more…

Superintendent                                  Lynnwood, WA, US

Commercial Director                        Toronto, ON, CA

Performance Improvement Coordinator Kincardine, ON, CA

Sub Contract Coordinator               Tiverton, ON, CA +1 more…

Data Analyst Co-op                           Kincardine, ON, CA

Functional Lead, SAP (FICO)            Toronto, ON, CA

Jr. Accountant (Co-Op)                     Milton, ON, CA

Lead Auditor                                       Cambridge, ON, CA

Proposal Manager                             Cambridge, ON, CA

Jr. Project Coordinator                                    Calgary, AB, CA

Superintendent, Civil                                        Sault Ste Marie, ON, CA

Resourcing and Talent Attraction Specialist – GO Rail Expansion (RER)        Toronto, ON, CA

Project Coordinator – CAN Bridge                 Windsor, ON, CA

Horizontal Directional Driller                         London, ON, CA +1 more…

Quality Control Inspector                               Bowmanville, ON, CA

Coordinator, Residential Project                   Toronto, ON, CA

Manager, Field Project                                    Toronto, ON, CA

Project Controls Specialist                              Kincardine, ON, CA +5 more…

Civil Superintendent                                         Saskatoon, SK, CA

Digital Data Coordinator                                Windsor, ON, CA

Yard Attendant                                                  Stouffville, ON, CA

BIM Coordinator (Asset Information)          Windsor, ON, CA

Jr.6-Shift Planner (Co-op)                               Bowmanville, ON, CA

Director, EHS (Urban Transportation Solutions)   Toronto, ON, CA

Procurement Specialist – Go Rail Expansion (RER)               Toronto, ON, CA

Talent Acquisition Sourcing Specialist          Toronto, ON, CA

Paving Foreperson                                           Redcliff, AB, CA

OSP Designer                                                     Toronto, ON, CA

Field Inspector                                                  Toronto, ON, CA +1 more…

Jr. Contracts Coordinator                               Kincardine, ON, CA

Reporting and Analytics Lead                        Toronto, ON, CA

Sr. Design Coordinator                                    Toronto, ON, CA

Laborer                                                               Calgary, AB, CA

Chief Surveyor                                                   Delta, British Columbia, CA

Aerial Lineperson                  Stouffville, ON, CA

Lead Auditor – GO Rail Expansion (RER)   Toronto, ON, CA

Sr. Systems Safety Assurance Manager   Toronto, ON, CA

BSW Installers/Maintenance Labourers  Port Sydney, ON, CA +1 more…

Serviceperson                        Calgary, AB, CA +3 more…

Damage Prevention Technician  Ottawa, ON, CA

Head of Health, Safety, Quality and Environment – GO Rail Expansion (RER)            Toronto, ON, CA

Foreperson                            Stouffville, ON, CA

Field Supervisor                     Caledon, ON, CA

Quality Director                    Toronto, ON, CA +1 more…

Foreperson, Telecommunications            McGregor, ON, CA

Damage Prevention Technician  Oshawa, ON, CA +3 more…

Foreperson, Telecommunications            London, ON, CA

Field Technician                    Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, CA +1 more…

Estimator – Residential/Commercial Renewables               Toronto, ON, CA

Security Director- GO Rail Expansion (RER)           Toronto, ON, CA

Learning Manager – GO Rail Expansion (RER)        Toronto, ON, CA

CCTV Camera Truck Inspector/Locator   Brighton, ON, CA

Document Control Manager (Hybrid) – GO Rail Expansion (RER)    Toronto, ON, CA

EHS Advisor, Voltage Power       Calgary, AB, CA +1 more…

Integrated Digital Delivery Coordinator (4D Specialist)      Toronto, ON, CA

Technical Director                Toronto, ON, CA +1 more…

Project Coordinator             Bowmanville, ON, CA

Track Project Manager – Rail & Transit    Toronto, ON, CA

Civil Superintendent             Detroit, MI, US

CAD Drafter                                                                            Barrie, ON, CA

Senior Pipeline Engineer                                                       Chatham, ON, CA +1 more…

Project Administrator                                                           Stouffville, ON, CA

Project Manager                                                                    Kincardine, ON, CA

Fibre Optic Splicer                                                                  Stouffville, ON, CA

Superintendent                                                                       Winnipeg, MB, CA

Site Administrator                                                                  Tiverton, ON, CA +1 more…

CCTV Camera Truck Inspector/Locator                            Sudbury, ON, CA

GeoExchange / Utility Labourer                                         Toronto, ON, CA +2 more…

Sr. Geo-Exchange Installer                                                  Toronto, ON, CA

Civil Superintendent                                                              Calgary, AB, CA

Welding Specialist                                                                 Kincardine, ON, CA

Project Coordinator                                                              Scarborough, ON, CA

Proposal Coordinator                                                           Vancouver, British Columbia, CA

Labourer – Road Construction                                            Redcliff, AB, CA

Flagger                                                                                     Redcliff, AB, CA

Equipment Operator – Road Construction                        Redcliff, AB, CA

Junior Accountant                                                                 Toronto, ON, CA

Civil Superintendent                                                              Winnipeg, MB, CA

Resource Planner                                                                   Mississauga, ON, CA

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