Wartsila Technical and Engineering Jobs

Wartsila Technical and Engineering Jobs

Wartsila Corp (Wartsila) is an engineering company. It provides smart technologies and comprehensive lifecycle solutions for the marine and energy markets. Through sustainable initiatives, efficiency and data analytics, the company harnesses environmental and economic performance of the vessels and power plants. Wartsila’s offerings include pumps and valves, automation systems, shaft line solutions, low and medium-speed engines, ship design and ballast water treatment systems. It also offers power solutions for all phases of onshore and offshore oil and gas exploration, transportation, and production. The company serves customers in marine and energy sectors in Asia, North America, Europe, and South America. Wartsila is headquartered in Helsinki, Finland.

Wartsila Technical and Engineering Jobs

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Service Engineer Automation                                                              Gdansk, PL

Controls Engineer                                                                                  San Diego, CA, US

Quality Manager – Smart Vessel                                                         Leicester, GB

Service Technician                                                                                 Mandra, GR

Maintenance Manager                                                                         Cabuyao, PH

Project Manager Ship Electrification                                                 Stord, NO

Sensor Software Engineer                                                                   Leicester, GB

Mechanical Engineer                                                                            Lahore, PK

Mechanic                                                                                                 Lahore, PK

Service Engineer QuantiCast                                                               Singapore, SG

Shift Engineer                                                                                         Lahore, PK

Mechanical Maintenance Supervisor – CM NABIRE                        Jakarta, ID

Developer – Collision Avoidance systems (m/f/d)                           Hamburg, DE

Maintenance Supervisor Engineer                                                     Carolina, PR

Supply Quality Engineer                                                                        Drunen, NL

Service Engineer Mechanical                                                              Jakarta, ID

Production Manager                                                                             Havant, GB

Senior Field Service Engineer                                                              Istanbul, TR

Sales Manager                                                                                        Asker, NO +2 more…

Trainee Engineer for Shaft Line Solutions                                        Dubai, AE

Senior Service Engineer                                                                        Singapore, SG

Service Engineer                                                                                    Laksevåg, NO

Service Engineer (2-Stroke Engine)                                                    Kobe, JP

Service Engineer, Shaft Line Solutions, Marine Systems               Imabari, JP +1 more…

Cable Design Engineer (m/f/d)                                                            Hamburg, DE

Service Engineer (m/f/d) / Superviseur (Service Engineer) d’intervention Field Service H/F                                                                                                                  Marseille Cedex 15, FR

Chief Project Engineer, Electrical                                                       Vaasa, FI

CNC Machinist                                                                                        Singapore, SG

Service Technician (m/f/d)                                                                   Marseille Cedex 15, FR

Service Technician, 2-Stroke & 4-Stroke Engines                            Singapore, SG

E&A Engineer Advisor                                                                           Fort Lauderdale, FL, US

General Machinist (x6)                                                                          Havant, GB

Plant Operator                                                                                       Nairobi, KE

Product Development Lead – Port Efficiency & Supply                  Surrey, CA +2 more…

(Senior) Product Manager – Marine Efficiency Optimisation        Helsinki, FI +5 more…

(Senior) Portfolio Manager – Lifecycle Agreements                       Helsinki, FI +5 more…

Cloud Security Specialist                                                                      Helsinki, FI +2 more…

Energy Storage Systems Field Service Engineer                              Aberdeen, GB +3 more…

Performance Engineer, Research engine testing                            Vaasa, FI

Senior Data Scientist                                                                             Herndon, VA, US

Senior Service Engineer, 2-Stroke                                                      Singapore, SG

Coordinator, Parts Coordination Management                              Fareham, GB +1 more…

Design Engineer                                                                                     Havant, GB

Sr Civil Engineer                                                                                     Huntingwood, AU

Senior Designer                                                                                      Gdynia, PL

Engineer, Tribology testing                                                                 Vaasa, FI

Sales Account Manager                                                                        Marseille Cedex 15, FR

Service Engineer, E & A                                                                        Kaohsiung, TW

Machinist CNC VTL( Vertical turning lathe)/ HL ( Horizontal lathe) Singapore, SG

Senior Service Engineer                                                                        Singapore, SG

Senior Service Engineer                                                                        Singapore, SG

Superintendent Engineer, 2-stroke Services                                    Singapore, SG

Production Test Assembly Operator (x3)                                          Leicester, GB

Lead SAP Solution Development Architect                                       Helsinki, FI +2 more…

Design Engineer                                                                                     Hamburg, DE

Electrical Design Engineer                                                                   Gdynia, PL

Service Coordinator                                                                              Rubbestadneset, NO

Assembler Mechanical/Electrical                                                       Vaasa, FI

Assembly Team Leader                                                                         Leicester, GB

Grinding Machinist                                                                                Singapore, SG

Project Engineer                                                                                    Hamburg, DE

Sourcing Manager                                                                                 Wuxi, CN

Supplier Quality Engineer                                                                     Wuxi, CN

Senior System Design Engineer                                                           Belgrade, RS

Technical Expert (LNG/LPG)                                                                Sharjah, AE

Senior C++ developer 3D Simulators                                                 Belgrade, RS

Service engineer                                                                                    Shanghai, CN

Senior Proposal Engineer                                                                     Vaasa, FI +4 more…

Service Engineer, 4 Stroke                                                                   Naucalpan , MX

Superintendent, 4 -Stroke                                                                    Santo Domingo, DO +1 more…

Senior Service Technician, 4 Stroke                                                   Naucalpan , MX

Solution Expert/Manager, PDM/PLM                                                Helsinki, FI +2 more…

Sales Coordinator M/F                                                                         Marseille Cedex 15, FR

Project Engineer LSA (m/f/d) / LSA-Ingenieur (m/w/d)                  Hamburg, DE

Expert, Mechanical                                                                               Gdynia, PL

Plant Operator                                                                                       Fort Dauphin, MG

Field Service Engineer-Ship Electrification Solutions                      Hamburg, DE

Commissioning Engineer – Ship Electrification Solutions              Hamburg, DE

Contract Manager                                                                                 Kalmar, SE +1 more…

Account Sales Representative                                                             Schiedam, NL +2 more…

Scrum Master                                                                                         Vaasa, FI +2 more…

Solution Expert, RPA                                                                             Vaasa, FI

Employer Branding trainee (On-call)                                                 Vaasa, FI +1 more…

Business Development Manager, Energy Business                         Fort Lauderdale, FL, US

Operation Expert/Superintendent                                                      Frauenfeld, CH

Sales Proposal Engineer (m/f/d)                                                         Hamburg, DE

Fitting Supervisor                                                                                   Singapore, SG

Junior Service engineer                                                                        Schiedam, NL

Manufacturing Engineer – Electrical                                                  Herndon, VA, US +2 more…

Superintendent, E&A                                                                             Fort Lauderdale, FL, US

Service Engineer                                                                                    Budaörs, HU

Service Engineer                                                                                    Budaörs, HU

Business Controller MES (m/f/d)                                                        Hamburg, DE

Software Developer (Senior)                                                               Helsinki, FI +4 more…

Strategic Purchaser                                                                               Helsinki, FI +2 more…

Automation engineer/ System Developer, Embedded and Extended Controls          Vaasa, FI +1 more…

Cloud API Developer                                                                             Navi Mumbai, IN

Welder I – American Hydro Corporation                                           York, PA, US

Voyage HSES Senior Manager (m/f/d)                                              Hamburg, DE

Business Development Manager – Energy Business                       Houston, US

Parts Coordination Intern                                                                    Bogotá D.C, CO

Supply Chain Data Engineer                                                                 Frauenfeld, CH

Electrical & Automation Senior Service Engineer                           Gdansk, PL

Solutions Advisory Manager                                                                Singapore, SG

Vessel Efficiency Manager                                                                   Singapore, SG

CAD Constructor Mechanic                                                                 Kalmar, SE

Operational Purchasor and Logistic Technician (H/F)                    HARFLEUR, FR

Marketing & Communications Manager, AMER                             Houston, US

Business Analyst                                                                                     Helsinki, FI

Training Engineer (m/f/d)                                                                    Hamburg, DE

Strategic Purchaser                                                                               Wuxi, CN

Project Purchaser                                                                                  Vaasa, FI +1 more…

Workshop Service Technician                                                             Harvey, LA, US

Service Engineer, E&A EB                                                                     Georgetown, GY

Internal Communications Lead                                                           Hamburg, DE +1 more…

Finance Development Lead, Agreements                                         Vaasa, FI

Electrician, Testing & Validation                                                        Vaasa, FI

Mechanical Engineering Service Engineers & Superintendents, OPEN APPLICATION              Vaasa, FI +1 more…

Operational Purchaser                                                                          San Diego, CA, US

Power Plant Shift Supervisor                                                               Cabuyao, PH

Auxiliary Operator                                                                                 Cabuyao, PH

Werkstudent/Working Student (m/f/d)                                            Hamburg, DE

Lead Software Engineer Teamcenter                                                Noida (New Delhi), IN

FS Mechanical Engineer                                                                       Esposende, PT

Sales Manager, Sales Japan, Marine Power                                     Kobe, JP

Senior Accountant, Payments                                                             Vaasa, FI

General Manager, Project Development                                          Houston, US

Trainee – Sales Support                                                                         Drunen, NL

Project Engineer                                                                                    Havant, GB

Sales Support                                                                                          Terneuzen, NL

Superintendent, E&A / Technicien Superintendant E&A (H/F)      HARFLEUR, FR

Operations Research Engineer                                                           Herndon, VA, US

Project Engineer                                                                                    Hamburg, DE

Service Contract Coordinator                                                             Fort Lauderdale, FL, US

SERVICE ENGINEER, 4 STROKE, EB                                                    Georgetown, GY

Receptionist – American Hydro Corporation                                    York, PA, US

Assistant / Service Engineer for Electrical & Automation             Singapore, SG

Power Systems Intern                                                                           Herndon, VA, US

Senior Service Engineer                                                                        Fort Lauderdale, FL, US +2 more…

Product Lead, Advanced Navigation                                                 Hamburg, DE +5 more…

Supervisor – O&M                                                                                  Navi Mumbai, IN

Sales Support Engineer                                                                         Drunen, NL

Project Engineer                                                                                    Göteborg, SE

Project Manager (m/f/d)                                                                      Geesthacht, DE

Commissioning & Service Engineer – Ship Electrification Solutions (m/f/d) Hamburg, DE

Trainee – Parts Coordinator                                                                 Navi Mumbai, IN

Customs Compliance Manager                                                           Vaasa, FI +2 more…

Manager, Cyber Governance, Risk & Assurance                             Fareham, GB

Proposal Engineer – US                                                                         Emeryville, US

Service Engineer                                                                                    Singapore, SG

Senior Full Stack Engineer                                                                    Herndon, VA, US

Senior Full-Stack Software Engineer                                                  Herndon, VA, US

Market & Financial Analyst                                                                  Houston, US +24 more…

Accounts Assistant                                                                                Leicester, GB

Trainee, M&A                                                                                         Helsinki, FI

Field Service Coordinator                                                                     Hørsholm, DK

Senior Manager, Investor Relations                                                  Helsinki, FI

Field Service Coordinator                                                                     Moschato, GR

Sales Expert Vessel Energy Optimization (m/f/d)                            Hamburg, DE +4 more…

Technical Support Engineer                                                                 Belgrade, RS

Director QHSE                                                                                        Helsinki, FI +1 more…

Engineering Manager – Electrical Design                                          Herndon, VA, US

Agreement Manager, Energy Business                                             Tokyo, JP

Finance Development Lead, Record to Report                               Vaasa, FI +2 more…

Parts Coordinator                                                                                  Hørsholm, DK +1 more…

Customs Compliance Coordinator                                                     Singapore, SG

Talent Development Lead                                                                    Hamburg, DE

Manager Claim Handling Parts / OEM (m/f/d)                                Hamburg, DE +8 more…

PCM Coordinator                                                                                   Cape Town, ZA

Strategic Purchaser                                                                               Drunen, NL +7 more…

Service Engineer, 2-Stroke Engine                                                     Busan, KR

Tax Manager (m/f/d)                                                                            Hamburg, DE

Tax Accountant                                                                                      Fareham, GB

Project Manager, Voyage                                                                    Tokyo, JP

Energy Storage Systems Senior Service Engineer and / or Superintendent Engineer                                                                                                                  Houston, US

Contract Manager                                                                                 Laksevåg, NO +2 more…

Service Engineer                                                                                    Gdansk, PL

Senior Service Engineer, Electrical & Automation                          Gdansk, PL

Design Engineer                                                                                     Gdynia, PL

Shift Supervisor                                                                                      Georgetown, GY

Network Commissioning Manager- Energy Storage & Optimization            Herndon, VA, US

Data Visualisation Expert                                                                     Helsinki, FI

Senior Regional Proposal Manager – Americas                               Emeryville, US +7 more…

Delivery Coordinator / Coordinateur Transport H/F                      Surgères, FR

Senior Management Accountant                                                       Leicester, GB

Service Technician                                                                                 Mandra, GR

Senior Service Engineer Mechanical                                                  Gdansk, PL

Electrical & Automation Engineers, OPEN APPLICATION              Vaasa, FI +1 more…

Energy Storage Systems Field Service Technician and/or Service Engineer Houston, US

Service Engineer, Electrical & Automation                                       Singapore, SG

Senior Supplier Development Expert                                                 Trieste, IT +2 more…

Project Engineer (Aftermarket) – EPMS                                             Hamburg, DE

Werkstudent / Student worker                                                           Hamburg, DE

Senior System Expert                                                                            Helsinki, FI +1 more…

Senior Solution Architect, Sales & Operations Planning                Helsinki, FI +1 more…

Site Supervisor                                                                                        Hamburg, DE

Technical Support Engineer                                                                 Turku, FI

Sr. Technical Expert Engine Automation                                           Rubbestadneset, NO

Commissioning Manager, Energy Storage & Optimization           Herndon, VA, US

Repair Services Technician                                                                  Turlock, CA, US

Welder Co-Op – American Hydro Corporation                                York, PA, US

Welder Trainee – American Hydro Corporation                              York, PA, US

Machinist I – American Hydro Corporation                                      York, PA, US

Coordinator, PCM                                                                                 Moschato, GR

Senior Manager, Talent Supply APAC                                                Tsuen Wan, HK +1 more…

Commissioning Manager – ES&O                                                       Huntingwood, AU

Senior Machinist                                                                                    Singapore, SG

Service Technician, 4-Stroke Engine                                                  Singapore, SG

Warehouse Associate                                                                           Fort Lauderdale, FL, US

Machinist I – American Hydro Corporation                                      York, PA, US

Technical Expert                                                                                    Vaasa, FI

Parts Data Engineer                                                                              Drunen, NL

Parts Data Engineer                                                                              Drunen, NL

Mechanic Propulsion Workshop                                                         Schiedam, NL

Design Engineer (electrical) (m/f/d)                                                   Elmenhorst, DE

Service Coordinator                                                                              Schiedam, NL

Project Manager – Product Development                                         Herndon, VA, US

Workshop Mechanicans/Mitarbeiter Werkstatt (m/f/d)               Hamburg, DE

Maintenance Planner, Performance Services, Marine Power      Kobe, JP

ESS Lifecycle Supervisor                                                                       Houston, US

Turbocharger Superintendent                                                             Fort Lauderdale, FL, US

Sales manager, Sales Japan, Shaft Line Solutions, Marine Systems              Kobe, JP

Commercial Development Manager                                                 Houston, US

Production Assistant                                                                             Suzhou, CN

Business Controller                                                                               Helsinki, FI

Senior Manager, Business Development (ES&O)                            Herndon, VA, US

Logistic Engineer – CM Nabire                                                            Jakarta, ID

Workshop Technician                                                                           Segensworth, Hants, GB

Wartsila Technical and Engineering Jobs
Wartsila Technical and Engineering Jobs
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