Omega 365 Oil and Gas Jobs

Omega 365 Oil and Gas Jobs

Omega 365 is a fully integrated project and asset management solution that drives critical processes in organizations and projects, giving you a full overview of your assets.

Omega 365 Oil and Gas Jobs

Senior Project Cost Engineer                 Stavanger

Business Analyst                                       Columbus, OH

Human Resources/Talent Acquisition Advisor      St. John’s, NL

Senior Architect                                        Stavanger

Structural Analyses Engineer                 Stavanger

Structural E3D Designer                          Stavanger

Senior Designer E3D                                Stavanger

Structural Engineer E3D                          Stavanger

Structural Engineer Analysis and Calculations       Stavanger

Senior Telecom Engineer                        Stavanger

PRE Piping & Layout – Valves                 Stavanger

Piping & Layout Engineer; Work preparation        Stavanger

Senior Piping & Layout Designer           Stavanger

Communications assistant /Text producer            Ølensvåg

Senior Instrument Engineer                   Stavanger

Administrative Assistant                         Georgetown

CGS Structural Engineer                          St. John’s, NL

Accounts Payable Analyst                       Columbus, OH

Administrative Assistant                         Nyhamna, Aukra

Sales Associate (Furnishings)                 Georgetown

SV Electro Technician                              Offshore, Ekofisk

Field Instrumentation Engineer             Oslo, Fornebu

Administration Coordinator                   Oslo

Senior Project Control Engineer,          Oslo

Subsea Installation Lead                         St. John’s, NL

HVAC Engineer                                          Bergen or Stavanger

Assistant Cargo Supervisor                     Georgetown

Assistant Maintenance Supervisor        Georgetown

Maintenance Operator                           Georgetown

Instrument Technician                            Georgetown

Mechanical Package Engineer               Oslo

Project Cost Control Analyst                  Lima, OH

Cost Controller Senior                             Stavanger

Senior Engineer Technical Safety          Bergen

Vikariat Kommunikasjonsmedarbeidar    Ølensvåg

Commissioning Engineer Electro High And Low Voltage   Bergen

Customer Service Representative         Georgetown

Operational Intelligence and Performance Optimization Center (OIPOC) Intern      Georgetown

Finance Intern                                           Georgetown

Instrument and Controls Engineer        Georgetown

Reliability and Optimization Engineer  Georgetown

Process Engineer                                      Georgetown

HSSE Specialist                                          Georgetown

Lønns- og fakturamedarbeider             Ølensvåg

Cost Controller                                         Georgetown

Material Logistics Coordinator             Georgetown

Buyer                                                          Georgetown

Sykepleier                                                  Offshore

Senior Project Planner Surf/Marine      Stavanger

Instrument Engineers                              Stord

Senior Electrical Engineer – PRE            Oslo

Software Developer                                Bergen, Sandsli

Mechanical Field Engineer                     Stord

Training Delivery Specialist                    Lloydminster, SK

Personnel Logistics Coordinator           Georgetown

Quality Health Safety and Environment (QHSE) Officer     Support, East Bank Demerara

Document controller/LCI coordinator Stavanger Bergen

Instrument Engineer, senior                  Stavanger Bergen

Senior Planlegger                                     Stavanger

Engineering Manager / Instrument Specialist       Bergen

Sr. Project Manager                                 Houston, TX

Electrical Engineering                              Ludvika, Sweden

Senior Eng Material                                 Haugesund

Sr Document Controller                          Oslo, Lysaker

LCI Coordinator                                        Oslo, Lysaker

Structural Designers                                Stavanger

Instrument Ingeniør – LNG/Marine       Sandefjord/Oslo/Stavanger/Bergen

Associate Project Engineer                    Sweden, Umea

Project Cost Controller                           Stavanger

Mechanical Engineer                               Bergen, Stavanger, Stjørdal or Oslo

Administrasjonskoordinator                  Asker

Facilities Engineer                                    St. John’s, NL

Project Engineer                                       Lake Charles, LA

Senior Engineer Instrument                   Haugesund

Senior Engineer Automation                  Haugesund

Senior Engineer Electrical                       Haugesund

Junior utvikler – Haugesund                    Haugesund

Junior utvikler – Stokke                            Borgeskogen, Stokke

Prosjektleder                                             Karmøy

Junior utvikler                                           Stavanger, Kristiansund, Oslo, Bergen, Ølensvåg

Marketing Manager (Port)                     Support, East Bank Demerara

Senior Mechanical Engineer                  Oslo, Fornebu

Lead Engineer Subsea High Voltage Cables           Fornebu, Oslo

Senior Automation Engineer – SCD production     Haugesund

Instrument and Telecom Engineer       Stord

Electro Engineer                                       Stord

Senior Financial Controller/Accountant  Stavanger

Project Delivery Lead Engineer             Haugesund

Systems Lead                                            Oslo

Cost Controller                                         Lima, OH

Planner                                                       Lima, OH

Maintenance Planner                              Lima, OH

Junior automasjon ingeniør                   Bergen

Senior Task Lead                                      Stavanger

Senior Process Engineer                         Oslo

Mechanical Package Engineer               Oslo

Junior Software Developers                   Copenhagen

EIT Designer- E3D                                    Stavanger

Planlegger                                                  Primært Sandefjord, men fleksibilitet utøves

SIL Analyst                                                 Oslo, Fornebu

Senior Project Engineer Civil                  Oslo

HVAC System Engineer – Vallhall           Oslo, Fornebu

Commissioning – Prosedyreskriver EIT Stavanger

Structural design engineer                     Stavanger

Mechanical Completions Coordinator – Drilling   Ingleside, TX

Mechanical Completions Coordinator – I&C         Ingleside, TX

Analyst – Supply Chain                             Houston, TX

Sr. Analyst – Supply Chain                       Houston, TX

Senior Fire & GAS / SAS Engineer          Bergen

Senior SAS Engineer                                 Bergen

Senior Specialist Structural Engineer    Bergen

Senior Electrical Engineer                       Bergen

Senior HVAC Package Responsible Engineer         Oslo

HUC and Commissioning Project Planner              Oslo, Fornebu

LCI koordinator                                        Sandefjord, Oslo

Dokument Kontroller                               Sandefjord

Senior Project Planner                             Oslo, Fornebu

Planner                                                       Stavanger

Senior Instrument Engineer                   Stavanger

HSE Advisor/Specialist                             Port Arthur, TX

Commissioning Engineer (E&I)              Stavanger

Gas compressor/ turbo machinery specialist        Fornebu, Oslo

MPR Planlegger                                        Stord

Technical Safety                                       Stavanger

Safety & Environment Engineer            Stavanger

Senior Purchaser                                      Oslo

Construction Planner                               Stavanger

MC Commissioning Planner                   Stavanger

Senior Safety and Environment Engineer               Stavanger

HR Senior Consultant                              Haugesund

Completion Engineer                               Stavanger

Completion Engineer EIT                        Stavanger

Senior Engineer Automation                  Stavanger

Senior Electrical System Engineer         Haugesund

Maintenance Engineer                            Stavanger

Structural Engineer                                  Stavanger

Senior Architect                                        Stavanger

Process Engineer                                      Stavanger

Senior Mechanical Engineer                  Stavanger

Senior Engineer – IT Security                  Stavanger

Senior Telecom Engineer                        Stavanger

Senior SAS Engineer                                 Stavanger

Electro Engineer                                       Stord

Senior Instrument Engineer                   Stavanger

Civil/Structural Engineer                         Stavanger, Sauda

Senior Electrical Engineer                       Stavanger

Mechanical Engineer (Rotating)            Stavanger, Sauda

Electrical Engineer                                   Stavanger, Sauda

Commissioning Engineer                        Stavanger

Mechanical Engineer (Static)                 Stavanger, Sauda

C&I Engineer                                             Stavanger, Sauda

Senior ingeniør Telecom                         Sandefjord

Instrument Ingeniør                                 Sandefjord

Automasjons Ingeniør                             Sandefjord

Telecom Engineer                                    Fornebu

Senior Mechanical Engineer – PRE       Trondheim

Technical Safety Engineer                      Fornebu

Structural Analysis Engineer                   Trondheim

LCI                                                               Trondheim

Package Responsible Engineer              Trondheim

Senior Material Engineer                        Trondheim

Senior Package Responsible Engineer Trondheim

Electrical Engineer                                   Trondheim

Project Planner                                         Trondheim

Mechanical lead                                       Trondheim

Senior Technical Safety Engineer          Trondheim

Senior Electrical Engineer                       Sandnessjøen

SAS                                                              Trondheim

Project Cost Controller                           Stavanger

Senior Instrumentation Engineer          Oslo

Specialist Engineer Automation – Electrical Systems          Oslo

Senior Engineer Automation – Process/utility      Oslo

Senior Engineer Automation – network and cyber security             Oslo

MC Engineer Piping / Mech                    Stord

Senior Engineer Automation                  Oslo

Project Manager, Rental & Services     Karmøy, Ålesund

QRA Follow-up and Barrier Management              Oslo, Fornebu

Senior Electrical Engineer                       Bergen Sandsli

Electrical Engineer                                   Stavanger

Structural Analysis engineer                   Kristiansund

Senior Piping Eng.                                    Bergen

Senior ingeniør elektro                           Bergen

Senior Eng Electrical                                Stavanger

Senior Structural Analyses Engineer     Asker, Oslo

Senior Eng Technical Safety                   Haugesund

EITA Layout Engineer                              Oslo

Completion Engineer PPM                     Stavanger

Senior Electrical Engineer                       Stavanger

Senior Engineer Automation                  Oslo

Structural PDMS/E3D Design & Draft   Stavanger

Completion Engineer white trades       Stavanger

Senior Engineer Telecom                        Oslo

Administrasjonskoordinator                  Oslo, Skøyen

Senior Instrument Ingeniør                    Bergen

Senior Engineer, Metering                     Stavanger

Senior Eng – Principal Safety                  Stavanger

Senior Process engineer                         Haugesund

Senior SAS Engineer                                 Stavanger

Construction Engineer – AO planlegger   Bergen

Security Engineer and Analyst               Klaipeda

Mechanical Engineer                               Stavanger

Senior Engineer Process                         Bergen

Engineer Electrical and Automation     Bergen/ Oslo

Software Systems Developer                 Klaipeda

Senior Engineer External environment    Stavanger

E3D/PDMS Administrator                       Sandefjord/Oslo/Bergen/Stavanger

Process Engineer                                      Stavanger

Recruitment Coordinator                       Houston, TX

Cloud Engineers                                        Klaipeda

Structural Engineer                                  Stavanger, Tananger

Planleggingsleder                                     Sandefjord evt. Oslo/Stavanger/Bergen

Instrument ingeniør                                 Sandefjord

Web Applications Penetration Tester  Klaipeda

Planners -Project & Engineering           Stavanger

Elektro Ingeniør                                        Stavanger

Materialplanlegger                                  Sandefjord

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Omega 365 Oil and Gas Jobs
Omega 365 Oil and Gas Jobs
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